Malayalam Lyricist, Screenplay writer, Film Maker, Poet & Music Director


Besides being an eminent lyricist, Thampi is an excellent writer too. He has penned stories, screenplays and dialogues for about 85 movies in Malayalam. He also wrote a critical work about the evergreen actor Prem Nazir titled "Prem nazir enna prema ganam". Sreekumaran Thampi’s work Kanakkum Kavithayum, that sketches the history and techniques of film making fetched National Award for the Best Book on Cinema.

Thampi has also written several plays, short stories, and poems for children.

  Collections of Poems
  • Kaviyum Malakhamarum (The Poet and The Angels)
  • Engineerude Veena (Engineer’s Veena)
  • Neela Thamara (The Blue Lotus)
  • En Makan Karayumbol (When My Son Cries)
  • Sheershakamillatha Kavithakal (Poems Without Titles)
  • Achante Chumbanam (Father’s Kiss)
  • Ammakyoru Tharattu (A Lullaby for Mother)
  • Puthralabham
  • Omanayude Oru Divasam (A day of the darling) - Collection of poems for children
  • Kakkathampuratti (The Black Bird)
  • Kuttanad (The Rice bowl of Kerala)
  • Njan oru Katha parayam ( I Will Tell You a Story)
  • Kadalum Karalum (The Sea and The Heart)
Short Stories
  • Ambili Akaleyanu (The Moon is Faraway)
  • Sreekumaran Thampiyude Cherukadhakal ( Sreekumaran Thampi’s Short stories)
Other Categories
  • Kanakkum Kavithayum: - A book on the history and techniques of film art and has been adjudged with national Award for the best book on cinema
  • Deshabhakthi gaanangal: - Collection of patriotic songs
  • Hridayasarassu: - Collection of 1001 selected film songs
  • Axis: - A play and was filmed as Bhoogolam Thiriyunnu
Screenplay Writer

Wrote story, screenplay and dialogues for more than Eighty five films and to list a few
  • Vilaikku Vangiya Veena
  • Kakka Thampuratti
  • Veendum Prabhatham
  • Sethu Bandhanam
  • Sindhu
  • Pravaham
  • Abhimanam
  • Chattambi Kalyani
  • Mohiniyattam
  • Nayattu
  • Gaanam
  • Yuvajanolsavam
  • Bandhukkal Shatrukkal